AdWise put ‘The Range’ on TV…with incredible results!
Date: 04-12-2008

The New ‘Range’ TV ad went to air in mid November on the ITV Yorkshire Emley Moor Transmitter that covers 4 of ‘The Range’ Home, Leisure and Garden Superstores.

The photo opposite shows the TV ad being shot within The Range York Store. The 2 week Campaign delivered some spectacular growth, best described by The Range’s Marketing Manager, Trevor Rebello:

“During the 2 weeks on TV, we sold far more of the featured products in these 4 Stores than we had sold in ALL 37 Stores over the previous 8 months!!! It also resulted in significant growth in overall sales for the 4 Yorkshire Stores.”

Adwise worked closely with The Range to ensure that the TV Ad not only delivered the strong product offer message, but that it also communicated their core Brand Values of huge product choice and truly incredible value for money.

Quality Production is vital, but it can cost far less than you think if negotiated and managed correctly. A well managed TV Ratings Campaign, planned against the core ‘Young Families’target Market was also key to the success of this Campaign.

» Watch the full TV ad here
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